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Tracks Hobbies is excited to welcome Drivers and Spectators into the Raceway during public practice times
TAMIYA CIRCUIT ONLY (1 Hour, Limited Raceway Admittance)*
SINGLE TAMIYA DRIVER PASS                                             $3.00
ADDITIONAL SLOT CAR DRIVER PASSES                       $2.00
SLOT CAR SPECTATOR PASS (Non-Driver)                 $1.00
RACEWAY CIRCUITS (3 Hour, Unlimited Raceway Admittance)*
SINGLE RACEWAY DRIVER PASS                              $5.00
4-PACK - RACEWAY DRIVERS PASSES                      $18.00
6-PACK - RACEWAY DRIVERS PASSES                      $24.00
RACEWAY SPECTATOR PASS (Non-Driver)                 $3.00
OUTDOOR CIRCUIT (3 Hour, Unlimited Outdoor Circuit Admittance)
R/C OUTDOOR DRIVER PASS                                  $7.00
4-PACK - R/C OUTDOOR DRIVERS PASSES              $26.00
6-PACK - R/C OUTDOOR DRIVERS PASSES              $36.00
COMBO CIRCUITS (3 Hour, Unlimited Raceway Admittance PLUS use of Outdoor Circuit)*
COMBO DRIVERS PASS                                          $10.00
4-PACK - R/C COMBO DRIVERS PASSES                  $38.00
6-PACK - R/C COMBO DRIVERS PASSES                  $54.00
*All Raceway Driver Passes Include:
     - 1 pit space per driver
     - Access to computer-controlled scoring system
     - 1 power outlet for battery charging
     - Access to 1 electronic, security controlled locker (first come-first serve)
Tracks Hobbies is excited to welcome Drivers and Spectators into the Raceway during private race events! The following price list was established to create an economical and fair, yet sustainable program for all.
Individual Raceway Event Admissions
R/C RACER PASS (Single Day, Non Club Member)                    $15.00
ADDITIONAL R/C RACER (Single Day, Non Club Member)         $12.00
CLUB R/C RACER PASS (Single Event)                                    $10.00
SPECTATOR PASS (Non-Driver, Daily)                                      $5.00
All racers, drivers, and spectators must sign in and file a Raceway Liability Waiver before Raceway access will be granted.
Tracks Hobbies, Inc. reserves the right to refuse (and/or revoke) access (without warning nor refund) to anyone that is unsafe or disruptive to fellow racers, drivers, and spectators.